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10 Of Denver’s Best Coffee Shops

Denver has all the hallmarks of a coffee-loving city: third-wave coffee shops, small-batch roasters, and a plethora of baristas who take the time to get to know you and your preferred coffee beverage.

Author:Frazer Pugh
Reviewer:Iram Martins
Mar 23, 2022
Denver is a terrific city for coffee enthusiasts, with a strong coffee culture and plenty of java cafes and roasters. While a good cup of coffee is simple to get by in this metropolis, we wanted to highlight some of the city's genuinely great spots: The ones where the baristas are kind and welcoming as they pour the perfect rosette pattern atop your latte; the ones with the nicest atmosphere for chilling, working, meeting, or simply caffeinating. We've whittled it down to 10 of Denver's best coffee shops, which are listed in no particular order.

Corvus Coffee Roasters

Corvus Coffee Roasters has been focusing on creating personal, direct-trade relationships with coffee producers since opening its first outlet in 2012. The stripped-down, industrial Broadway site exemplifies this objective, with bar-style seating providing a front-row view of the roasting action. There, you can see the crew roast tiny batches of unusual beans, ranging from a buttery-orangey Colombian San Pedro to Ethiopia's jammy Uraga Natural. While the Auburn with maple syrup and cinnamon is a terrific location to enjoy a pour-over or cold brew, there's plenty to drink for non-purists as well, including creamy house-made almond-cashew milk, flavoured iced-coffee "highballs," and seasonal lattes like the Auburn. Enjoy: The "Morning Slam," which includes an espresso to drink on the spot as well as a black coffee to take with you on the go. Its location is 4925 S. Newport St. 1740 S. Broadway.
People enjoying coffee at corvus coffee
People enjoying coffee at corvus coffee

Blue Sparrow Coffee

Coffee industry veteran Jeffrey Knott's aesthetically attractive Blue Sparrow shops will thrill design fans. (Knott also owns Queens Eleven, a bar and cafe in the adjoining Hub building, as well as Room for Milly, a lovely Platte Street cocktail lounge.) A pretty, hand-scrawled menu, patterned grey floor tile, and dark wood tables create a beautiful backdrop for Blue Sparrow's simple drink and food menu at the Backyard on Blake location. Instead of pour-overs or manual brews, Blue Sparrow focuses on outstanding drip brews from rotating featured roasters, making it a terrific option to get a quick cup. The menu also includes house-made, nutmeg-dusted chai and exquisite matcha lattes. To encourage patrons to reduce waste, the cafe recently launched its Single Use Initiative, which charges a $0.10 fee per single-use cup, with all proceeds going to a fund that supports the company's other sustainability goals. Eat: Black Box Bakery delivers fresh pastries every day; on weekends, watch for the special cruffins and strawberry croissants. Their location is 3070 Blake St., #180; 1615 Platte St., Suite 135; 3070 Blake St., #180; 3070 Blake St., #180; 3070 Blake St., #180;

Black Eye Coffee

We still mourn Black Eye's much-loved Capitol Hill restaurant, which closed three years ago. Fortunately, the quirky, adorable LoHi boutique is still open for business. This coffee heaven is laid-back, stylish, and incredibly 'grammable, with repurposed old hutches and restroom doors branded "Payroll" from the historic Gates Rubber Company building. The garage doors open up to the commotion on Navajo Street on warm days, but Black Eye's well-crafted cocktails make it a year-round draw. It will be great whether your latte is made with local Huckleberry Roasters beans or beans from guest roasters like Onyx Coffee Lab or Tweed Coffee Roasters. Their location is 3408 Navajo St.
A mocha at black eye coffee
A mocha at black eye coffee

Commonwealth Coffee Roasters

Commonwealth's roastery/coffee shop combination, tucked away in an industrial region of North Denver, is a coffee connoisseur's haven. There's a lot to like there, starting with the fact that baristas are paid a decent wage (which eliminates the need for tipping). Because there is no separation between the café and the roastery, this is an excellent place to observe the roasters at work. It's only the crema on the (smooth Ontology Blend) espresso that Commonwealth carries quality Floating Leaves teas from Seattle and serves all of its beverages in beautiful, locally created Jorgensen Stoneware mugs. Their cereal milk latte, which is made with a different cereal-infused milk each week is the best. You can find their shop at 5225 E. 38th Ave.

Huckleberry Roasters

In addition to its original Sunnyside site, which features an artistic, colourful environment with a spacious terrace, this well-established roastery and shop now has a downtown presence within the Dairy Block building.

Amethyst Coffee Company

Elle Taylor, the creator of Amethyst Cafes, has always prioritised hospitality in her establishments. As a consequence, baristas at Amethyst's four lovely and different Denver locations place a special emphasis on the guest experience, delivering your drink to your table and busing your empty cup to provide a more peaceful atmosphere. Many of Taylor's baristas (including co-owner and Denver coffee veteran Breezy Sanchez) have won competitions, so you can count on a flawlessly balanced espresso shot and silky foamed milk every time. Taylor and her staff are finally roasting their own beans after five years, and their house mix and single-origin offers are unexpectedly delicious. You can find them at 3851 Steele St., Unit B; 111 Broadway; 4999 W. 44th Ave.; Edgewater Public Market, 5505 W. 20th Ave.
A latte in green cup from amethyst
A latte in green cup from amethyst

Queen City Collective Coffee

Queen City Collective Coffee, one of Denver's newest roasteries, will astonish you with their diverse assortment of tasty, nuanced, and full-flavor coffees. They go out of their way to meet and build connections with farmers, and they offer female coffee producers additional attention. Their lighter roasts, in our opinion, are the best in Denver, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a coffee with more fruity depth and crisp acidity than Queen City. Their two Denver locations provide a delicious selection of cuisine and pastries, as well as coffee-based beverages and mocktails.

Weathervane Cafe

Hanging out at this beloved Uptown coffee shop feels like spending time at your cool aunt’s house, which also happens to have free WiFi, amazing coffee, and tasty, healthful bites. Mismatched vintage couches and two levels of seating offer plenty of cozy nooks perfect for working or chatting, while hanging plants and eclectic thrift-store art give the space an unpretentious feel. Espresso drinks are made with Huckleberry Roasters’ Blue Orchid Blend, and the house French Press and cold brew are prepared with Queen City Roasters’ beans. A customised breakfast sandwich and salad are available on the budget-friendly menu, as well as a must-try rotating seasonal chia pudding. Their location is 1725 E. 17th Ave.
Outside look of weathervane cafe with blue walls and orange chairs
Outside look of weathervane cafe with blue walls and orange chairs

Whittier Cafe

The greatest coffee shops also serve as gathering places for the community. Whittier Cafe succeeds at this, offering Ethiopian coffee ceremonies every Sunday at 2 p.m., as well as art displays and social justice events that bring large crowds from the Whittier area and beyond. Millete Birhanemaskel, the shop's owner, gets all of the shop's beans from African countries and manages a justice fund that pays the cost of coffee for individuals who can't otherwise afford it. The semi-enclosed terrace is a great place to enjoy your coffee or tea during the warmer months.

Little Owl Coffee

This teeny-tiny business in LoDo's Sugar Cube building serves a farm-to-cup experience in the shape of all the usual beverages — pour-overs, espressos, cortados, mocha, a popular chai latte, and so on — as well as a sister bakery, Owlette, which makes seasonal pastries of all types around the corner.
White shelves and a worker working in little owl cafe
White shelves and a worker working in little owl cafe


That concludes our list of 10 of Denver's best coffee shops. We were delighted to travel throughout the city and sample the many Denver coffee shops. We're convinced you'll like their environment, hospitality, conversation, and, most importantly, their coffee. We strongly advise visiting these coffee shops while you're in Denver for an unforgettable experience! The greatest coffee in Denver is only a short distance away.
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