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Planned Parenthood Teams Up With Against McCain

Jul 31, 2020208.2K Shares2.8M Views
When you watch Planned Parenthood’s new viral Web ad, you may get a strong feeling of déjà vu. You might notice it has essentially the same premise as an ad— starring actor John Cusack — that was recently released by, the liberal 527 group. That’s because the two advocacy organizations are joining forces in a "kNOw McCain" campaign, to link the presumptive Republican presidential nominee to the views and policies of President George W. Bush. Actually, the Planned Parenthood ad takes it a step further, asserting that McCain is actually more anti-reproductive rights than Bush.
Like the ad, Planned Parenthood invites viewers to take the Bush-McCain challenge. In the minute and a half-long spot, titled "Bush-McCain: Can you tell the difference?," people on the street are quizzed to see if they can pick which of the two Republicans holds a variety of views concerning family planning, sex education, birth control, and Roe vs. Wade — the supreme court decision that guaranteed a woman’s right to an abortion. Sometimes the answer is both, and sometimes it’s just McCain.
From a Planned Parenthood press release:
Since he’s been in Washington during the past 25 years, Senator McCain has consistently voted against women’s health. From opposing funding for family planning programs to voting against requiring insurance coverage of birth control, McCain has taken extreme positions against women’s health and has not supported legislation that would help reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and the need for abortion. This has earned him a zero rating from the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the lowest rating possible in the U.S. Senate. Just as alarming, John McCain wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, potentially putting the lives and health of women in jeopardy.
With two attack ads released this week by liberal 527s — nonprofit groups that can run political ads outside of Federal Elections Commission regulations — it is only a matter of time before conservative groups start hitting back against the presumptive Democratic nominee, Sen. Barack Obama. My guess is it will be a matter of days, not weeks.
Rhyley Carney

Rhyley Carney

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