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Environmental Protection Agency ‘Fugitive’ Captured

For those of you already growing weary of midterm election coverage, here’s something completely different: Albania Deleon, an Environmental Protection

Jul 31, 2020
For those of you already growing weary of midterm election coverage, here’s something completely different:
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Albania Deleon, an “Environmental Protection Agency fugitive” and the first woman to be given that title, was captured in the Dominican Republic Saturday after months on the run. Deleon was wanted by the EPA for falsely certifying that people had undergone training for asbestos removal at her training school, Environmental Compliance Training, in Massachusetts.
Deleon — convicted in November 2008 on a litany of charges, including five counts of “making false statements within the jurisdiction of the Environmental Protection Agency,” according to a statement from the agency — fled the United States just before her sentencing in March.
In the statement, the EPA recounts the details of her arrest:
Agents with the Direccion Nacional de Control de Drogas (DNCD) observed Deleon at a residence in Santa Domingo. Agents pulled over her vehicle after she left the residence. Upon her arrest, Deleon claimed she was Elba Henriquez Peña and was carrying a false identity card with her picture and her name. Upon furthering questioning, she admitted that she was Albania Deleon and was wanted in the United States. Deleon was transported to DNCD headquarters for booking and processing and will be held pending an extradition hearing.
The EPA currently has 16 men on its fugitives list. Their crimes range from selling illegal freon from Mexico to illegal disposal of soil tainted with mercury.
Five other people, including Deleon, are listed as “captured” in red letters across their mugshots.
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Camilo Wood

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