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Bill Clinton wishes the best for a liberated Lil Wayne... ...and Kanye West sympathizes with Bush about being called a racist. Bush says he authorized

Jul 31, 2020237K Shares3.2M Views
Bill Clinton wishesthe best for a liberated Lil Wayne…
…and Kanye West sympathizeswith Bush about being called a racist.
Bush sayshe authorized waterboarding — and woulddo it again.
McConnell makeshis case for ousting Obama.
All 95 House and Senate candidates who supported net neutrality loston Tuesday.
A British dating site “for ugly people” producesits first engagement.
Lisa Murkowski saysshe’s poised “to make history.”
Stephen Colbert lamentsthe loss of would-be Sen. Sharron Angle.
The prince of Brunei worriesabout juries seeing his erotic sculptures.
Sarah Palin wantsto be like Ronald Reagan.
Rhyley Carney

Rhyley Carney

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