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FreedomWorks adds fire to DeMint’s earmark crusade

Via Dave Weigel, FreedomWorks (which he terms the most media-savvy of the Tea Party groups) is stepping up its own efforts to pressure Republican senators to

Jul 31, 2020183K Shares2.4M Views
ViaDave Weigel, FreedomWorks (which he terms the ”most media-savvy of the Tea Party groups”) is stepping up its own efforts to pressure Republican senators to vote for Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-S.C.) plan to place a two-year moratorium on requesting earmarks. From a letter to members sent by FreedomWorks’ Dick Armey:
Senator Jim DeMint has proposed that all Republican Senators commit to a moratorium on all federal earmarks.The issue is set to be decided early next week, during a special meeting that Senate Republicans have scheduled, but some are already balking at the proposal.
To you and me, last week’s elections were a clear message that the culture of bloated federal spending and business-as-usual Washington politics will no longer stand.
Unfortunately, some Republicans in the Senate don’t seem to be getting the message…at least not yet.
We need to TAKE ACTION NOW — if you are represented by a Republican Senator CLICK HEREto use FreedomWorks interactive call center that will directly connect you with your Senator’s office. Call them, and find out whether they intend to support Mr. DeMint’s conference-wide moratorium on earmarked spending. Then encourage your friends and family to do likewise.
Odds right now still indicate that it will be an uphill battle to get enough votes, but the more attention Tea Partiers bring to the rather symbolic, nonbinding vote, the greater the chances they’ll pressure enough GOP senators into voting for it.
Rhyley Carney

Rhyley Carney

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