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Gingrich: Obama will lose in ‘fair’ fight, House should investigate Holder’s beliefs

Hours after officially throwing his hat into the 2012 presidential contest via Twitter , former U.S.

Jul 31, 2020
Hours after officially throwing his hat into the 2012 presidential contest via Twitter, former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich told a national news outlet that he doesn’t expect to “get a break from elite media,” President Barack Obama will lose in 2012 if it is a “fair” fight, and it’s time for members of the U.S. House to scrutinize U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and “investigate what his beliefs are.”
Gingrich, 67, acknowledged during a Wednesday night interview with Sean Hannity that it won’t be easy to unseat Obama, but that the President’s liberal policies needed to be replaced by conservative values that will assure growth within the domestic energy industry.
“I think that this country has enormous potential to break out … but it is not a future we are going to get to until we clear away the liberal policies, the liberal bureaucracies and the Washington-centered system,” Gingrich said.
Gingrich will return to the Hawkeye State next week on a multi-city tour that includes stops in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Dubuque.
Throughout his life, Gingrich said, he’s preached citizenship, so not to run would be a “fraud.”
“We have to win the argument that President Obama has the wrong policies and those have led to the wrong outcomes,” he said.
“I think we are going to have a very clear, very vivid choice.”
Despite chalking the options before Americans up as a choice, Gingrich said that Obama will be difficult to beat.
“He will be, because, first of all, he’s going to say whatever he needs to to win,” Gingrich said. “Second, he’s going to have all the advantages of the mainstream media. He’s going to have all the advantages of left-wing billionaires like George Soros. He’s going to have all the advantages of the Hollywood crowd, and they are going to go out — and all the advantages of the unions. So they are going to try to raise a billion dollars for a very practical reason: He can’t afford to run a fair election. If he was on an equal playing field, he’d lose … on his record, on his values, on his beliefs.”
The media, Hannity noted, has already made mention of Gingrich’s past, including his personal life, and Gingrich responded that conservatives “aren’t going to get an even break from the elite media” and that “most Americans will look past the elite media.”
Gingrich said he would create a new contract with America by working with Mitch McConnelland John Boehner.
“President Obama should be ashamed of himself,” Gingrich said. “The President of the United States, a year and a half before an election, to deliberately use dishonest scare tactics demeans the United States of America. He said things about [U.S. Rep.] Paul Ryan’s budget that were falsehoods, and he said things that were deliberately divisive. He did the same thing in El Paso on immigration … by saying ‘I really want to work with you, but let me go out and lie about you for a while now.’”
Yet, his most vehement criticism was reserved for U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who Gingrich described as “consistently wrong.” Members of the U.S. House, he said, should “investigate what his beliefs are.”
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Camilo Wood

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