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Michele Bachmann confirms bin Laden death after seeing photos

At CIA headquarters in Virginia today, Rep. Michele Bachmann viewed photos of the late Osama bin Laden who was killed in a U.S. military raid in Pakistan and confirmed his identity

Jul 31, 2020
At CIA headquarters in Virginia today, Rep. Michele Bachmann viewed photos of the late Osama bin Ladenwho was killed in a U.S. military raidin Pakistan and confirmed his identity. “I am convinced that this was Bin Laden,” she said, according to the Star Tribune.“We got our man.”
A member of the House Intelligence Committee, Bachmann is among a small number of legislators who got a chance to see the documentation.
“While these photos provide certainty of bin Laden’s identity,” the Sixth District Republican said, “I also believe the best evidence of bin Laden’s identity is found through the release of the terrorist’s DNA match.”
She reiterated the point in a tweetan hour ago:
Because of his role on the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. John Kline was also invited, but declined.
“I have absolute confidence that he is dead, and looking at the picture doesn’t make him any deader,” Kline said, in a report by the Strib’s Kevin Diaz.
President Barack Obama has decided not to release the photos publicly, a move backed by a majority of Americans, according to a recent NBC poll.
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