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Hansen Clarke and John Conyers plan to switch districts for 2012 runs

Michigan’s Republican-controlled redistricting map has prompted plans by Detroit Reps.

Jul 31, 2020
Michigan’s Republican-controlled redistricting map has prompted plans by Detroit Reps. Hansen Clarke and John Conyers to swap districts in the next election.
Mlive]( reports:
The new-look 14th, which Conyers has represented since 1965, snakes through parts of northeast Detroit and Grosse Pointe before making its way north through Oakland County up to Pontiac. Its odd shape and seemingly disparate community composition may make it a more difficult district for a Detroit Democrat to hold on too, but Clarke is less divisive than Conyers and could fare well.
The redrawn 13th district, which includes a large chunk of Detroit traditionally represented by Conyers, is considered a safer bet for Democrats. Clarke’s move, then, could be seen as a nod to his former boss.
Michigan, the only state to lose population in the 2010 census, is losing one seat in Congress.
Camilo Wood

Camilo Wood

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