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Bachmann insists GOP need not settle for a moderate 2012 candidate (video)

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Jul 31, 2020
U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor as her presidential campaign continued to sink in the polls Monday.
Bachmann insisted that people are taking a “second look” at the candidates’ stances.
“People are saying now that they don’t want to settle,” Bachmann said. “Because every four years, people are told that they need to go with the moderate in the race because that’s the only one who will win, now we’re seeing that’s not true that we can really have a true constitutional conservative for our nominee.”
Bachmann said her campaign is focusing on Iowa as the “number one” caucus. Recent pollshave shown her support slipping.
Bachmann insisted that she was the Republican candidate who would go through with a “full-scale repeal” of the health plan passed by Pres. Barack Obama, which she called “Obamacare.”
“We have to go through this vetting process so the voters can take a good look at us and who they want to be their voice in the White House in 2012,” Bachmann said. “This is the key election, people need to know who will repeal Obamacare, who will repeal Dodd-Frank.”
Hajra Shannon

Hajra Shannon

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