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Second arrested in Boswell home invasion

A second man has been charged in a Saturday night home invasion at U.S. Rep

Jul 31, 2020
Image has not been found. URL: second man has been charged in a Saturday night home invasion at U.S. Rep. Leonard Boswell‘s (D-Iowa) rural Lamoni farm, Iowa Division of Criminal Investigationreported late Tuesday.
Image has not been found. URL: Dewberry
David Palmer Dewberry, 20, of Fremont, Neb. was apprehended in Independence, Mo. Tuesday night. Dewberry is accused of entering the Boswell farm Saturday night and allegedly assaulting Boswell’s adult daughter, Cynthia Brown, of Denver, who was visiting her parents.
Boswell said he saw a man wearing a ski mask with his hand on Brown’s throat and a gun in her face.
Dewberry, the son of one of Dody Boswell‘s friends, will be charged with first degree burglary, assault while committing a felony, going armed with intent, and three counts of first degree robbery. All are listed as felonies.
Image has not been found. URL: Rollins
Earlier Tuesday, law enforcement arrested a second man accused of being the getaway driver, Cody John Rollins, 19, of Lamoni. Rollins faces identical charges.
The home invasion happened around 10:45 p.m. Saturday, Boswell told the press Monday. Though the Boswells live in Des Moines, the couple still visit their Decatur County family farm, the Congressman said. No one was seriously injured in the attack, though the Congressman, 77, fractured a rib and had scratches on his arms from trying to take the firearm — later determined to be a BB gun — away from the alleged assailant Dewberry.
Boswell said Monday the intruder demanded money. He added that he was unsure if he recognized the intruder or if the family was being targeted because of his position in Congress.
“I think he was there to commit robbery,” Boswell said.
While the altercation ensued, Boswell said his adult grandson, Mitchell Brown, located the family shotgun and “started loading.” When the intruder saw the young man wielding the firearm, he fled.
“We are thankful no one was killed,” Boswell said Monday. “We’re going to continue on with our lives.”
Shortly after midnight on Wednesday morning, Boswell added via Twitter:
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