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More endorsers sign on to Perry’s prayer event, even if unable to attend

Thursday was a strange day for devoted Response watchers, after the Austin American-Statesman pointed out Gov. Rick Perry’s prayer rally had removed links to

Jul 31, 2020
Thursday was a strange day for devoted “Response” watchers, after the Austin American-Statesman pointed outGov. Rick Perry’s prayer rally had removed links to its list of event endorsers.
As the Texas Independent reported Tuesday, that change to the rally’s site — which the blog Right Wing Watch caughtearlier this week — came on the heels of remarks from Perry that his acceptance of an endorsement doesn’t necessarily “mean I endorse everything that you say or do.”
Following news that Perry may not speak at the rally at all, it looked as though “Response” organizers were trying to minimize ties between the governor and some of the controversial religious figures who’d come out to support it.
In fact, most of the figures are still listed on a new page for “Honorary Co-Chairs,” now topped by even bigger names like Focus on the Family’s James Dobson and Family Research Council president Tony Perkins.
As Right Wing Watch pointed outyesterday, the event still appears to be drawing new endorsements, most recently from Arlington pastor Dwight McKissic. The blog recalled that McKissic has said “that the gay rights movement had come straight out of ‘the pit of hell itself.’”
In a brief interview with the Texas Independent, McKissic said he wasn’t aware of the endorsers list, and that he’d simply been invited to support the event by a friend he declined to name.
Though he was only recently added to that list of endorsers, McKissic said, “due to a scheduling conflict, I unfortunately don’t think I’ll be able to attend.”
McKissic, who is black, said he was unaware of racially charged comments American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer had made on an AFA blog earlier this year, but said he supported the spirit of the event, and bringing people together in prayer for the country.
The Texas Independent previously reportedon other minority endorsers’ attitudes toward those remarks.
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Paolo Reyna

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