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Florida U.S. Senate candidate calls Occupy Wall Street ‘extremists’ and ‘thugs’

GOP Senate candidate Adam Hasner (right), in a 2009 photo (Pic by Meredith Geddings, via GOP Senate hopeful Adam Hasner called Occupy Wall Street supporters all over the country “anarchists,” “extremists” and “thugs” in an email to supporters today.

Jul 31, 2020
GOP Senate hopeful Adam Hasner called Occupy Wall Street supporters all over the country “anarchists,” “extremists” and “thugs” in an email to supporters today.
In the email to campaign supporters, Hasner says:
President Obama and the Democrats have chosen sides.
Instead of standing with the millions of middle class Americans who work hard, play by the rules, and want government to get off their backs and out of their way – President Obama is siding with a collection of left-wing activists, anarchists, and extremists who are occupying cities from New York to Miami.
Hanser’s email then features a photo of a single Occupy Wall Street protester wrapping his arms around a police officer, in what looks like an attempt to tackle him.
His email continues:
This is who our President supports? Thugs tackling police officers?
The front lines of President Obama and the Democrats’ new supposedly anti-capitalist army is manned by kids decked out in the latest designer logoed clothes and sporting the latest high-tech toys from some of the world’s most successful corporations. They’re joined by born-again communists and ranting anti-Semites who want to destroy Israel.
But behind the scenes, the Occupy Wall Street protests are just an excuse for the same old liberals and far-left radicals to wage class warfare. Backed, funded, and organized by people like George Soros, big labor unions, and the mainstream media, this is obviously a desperate bid to keep President Obama in office.[His emphasis]
The hard-working Floridians I meet each and every day are struggling under the weight of the Obama administration’s failed economic policies and its massive government spending. They don’t complain, they don’t disrupt other people’s days, they just want to provide for themselves and their families. They want a government that understands them and stops making things so hard!
The majority of us do not support the demands of the “Occupy” movement. We just want smaller and smarter government based on conservative, Constitutional principles. We want a tax code that doesn’t reward special interests, less government spending, and the opportunities to pursue our dreams in what is still the greatest country on Earth.
Conservative pundits and politicians and right-wing activists have sought to undermine the movement since its inception. Some have referred to the movement as a “communist plot” or “class warfare.”
Hasner’s “good friend”Tom Trento, a right-wing activist in Florida, recently claimedthat the Muslim Brotherhood had ties to an Occupy Wall Street rally in Orlando this past weekend.
Hajra Shannon

Hajra Shannon

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