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Webb: Obama Is Like You

ROANOKE, Va. -- Barack Obama is like you, said Sen. Jim Webb at a stadium rally here Friday, directly rebutting smears and lies that have swirled around the

Jul 31, 2020
ROANOKE, Va. — “Barack Obama is like you,” said Sen. Jim Webb at a stadium rally here Friday, directly rebutting smears and lies that have swirled around the Democratic presidential nominee.
“When I say I trust somebody, I mean it; and when I say I trust Barack Obama, you should trust Barack Obama,” continued Webb, speaking in his earnest monotone. He noted that he is friends with Sen. John McCain.
Webb also took several shots at Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. He cited the country song “I Know What I Was Doing but What Was I Thinking?” to describe McCain’s state of mind in picking Palin, which drew laughs and cheers. Pointedly, he said she was not the most qualified Republican for the job. (That’s farther than Obama would go when asked about Palin at the final presidential debate.)
Recalling how Palin had asked Sen. Joe Biden if she could “call him Joe” during their vice presidential debate, Webb said he had a better response in mind. Call me whatever you want now, he imagined Biden saying, because in two months, you’ll be calling me Mr. Vice President. The crowd roared.
Webb also credited Obama for focusing on states that Democrats have long neglected — Virginia has not gone blue since 1964. “This is [Obama's] seventh trip to southwest Virginia,” Webb emphasized, while criticizing McCain for not stumping in the region.
After firing up the supportive crowd, Webb touched on Obama’s policy priorites. He discussed the slide in average workers’ wages. compared to rising corporate profits, even before the financial crisis, and he touted Obama’s ability to renew the economy and bring the Iraq war to a just end.
Camilo Wood

Camilo Wood

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