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Obama’s ‘Ellen’ Cameo

After wrapping up a Miami rally on Tuesday, Sen. Barack Obama made a surprise appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, appearing via satellite in front of a

Jul 31, 2020
After wrapping up a Miami rally on Tuesday, Sen. Barack Obama made a surprise appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” appearing via satellite in front of a small crowd of supporters.
Degeneres gave Obama a chance to “rebut” allegations from a recent show, when Michelle Obama disparaged her husband’s dancing ability, by playing music for him to groove to. He danced a bit, according to the pool report — “mostly with his arms” — and told Degeneres that he was definitely a “a better dancer than John McCain.”
Obama dances on a previous appearance on Ellen.
Obama’s previous dancing stint on “Ellen,” regardless of the quality, was an Internet sensation. It remains his second most viewed videoon YouTube, trailing only the speech on race.
Degeneres also asked Obama to help her quest to book the actor-director George Clooney, apparently a bigger “get” than presidential nominees. Obama gamely said this could be an issue for his administration to tackle. “We would have you and [Clooney] sit down without preconditions,” Obama joked, and “resolve any differences you may have.”
The McCain campaign often complains about a pro-Obama bias in The New York Times and other allegedly “liberal” newspapers. The greatest disparity in media treatment of these nominees, however, probably occurs on these widely viewed afternoon talk-shows. Between “Oprah,” “Ellen” and “The View” — where McCain got ripped apart— it really is an Obama love fest out there.
Hajra Shannon

Hajra Shannon

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