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Superdelegate Chimes in on Wright

Jul 31, 2020
In the New York Times write upof Obama’s denouncing of Rev. Jeremiah Wright yesterday, a telling quote from an uncommitted superdelegate surfaces in the second half of the story:
Bob Mulholland, a superdelegate from California, said the difficulties Mr. Obama had experienced put a premium on results in the remaining contests.
‘We’ve got nine elections to go through June 9,’ Mr. Mulholland said in an interview. ‘I’ve never been involved in a successful presidential race where the candidate had no trouble in the primary. It’s challenging to him. He is a young man, and this is the first time he’s run for president. I see this as a learning experience.’
Asked how he thought Mr. Obama was doing, Mr. Mulholland paused before responding. ‘Getting better,’ he finally said.
While these remarks are certainly encouraging for Obama, they illustrate that the Wright controversy is weighing on the minds of uncommitted superdelegates. They also show that Mulholland doesn’t see the nomination being wrapped up anytime soon, bad news for the Obama camp.
Camilo Wood

Camilo Wood

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