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NYC Performance Artist/DJ To Screen New Iraq Movies

Jul 31, 2020
I once owned a copy of DJ Spooky’s Riddim WarfareLP. It was a mistake. The less said about that purchase the better.
Anyway, the highly-regarded New York performance artist and DJ is hosting a screening of some interesting-looking short films shot by soldiers and militiamen and contractors in Iraq. Check out how interesting they are here. The screening is at New York University’s Cantor Film Center tomorrow, Oct. 30, at 7 p.m. If you’re in Manhattan, why not stop by?
Paolo Reyna

Paolo Reyna

Paolo Reyna is a writer and storyteller with a wide range of interests. He graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media Studies. Paolo enjoys writing about celebrity culture, gaming, visual arts, and events. He has a keen eye for trends in popular culture and an enthusiasm for exploring new ideas. Paolo's writing aims to inform and entertain while providing fresh perspectives on the topics that interest him most. In his free time, he loves to travel, watch films, read books, and socialize with friends.
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