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Jul 31, 2020
CNN’s Bill Schneider just released the first exit pollnumbers coming out of Pennsylvania. The economy and Iraq are again the two most important issues on voters’ minds. Of those that say the economy is the most important issue, 56 percent voted for Clinton, while 43 percent voted for Obama. Of voters that said Iraq is the most important issue facing the country, 57 percent voted for Obama, 43 percent for Clinton.
Both are holding their bases. Clinton is again winning older voters, with 61 percent of those over 65 voting for her (Obama got 38 percent).
Obama is again winning big among voters that registered in the last year (60 percent) and African Americans (92 percent). One in seven voters registered within the last year, indicating what may be another large turnout.
Of voters that made up their mind on who to vote for in the last week (read: since the controversial debate), 58 percent voted for Clinton, 42 percent voted for Obama.
When asked who will get the Democratic nomination, 54 percent said Obama while 43 percent said Clinton. However, when asked which Democratic candidate would make you most satisfied, 38 percent said either, 32 percent said Clinton and 25 percent said Obama.
On the Economy:
42% say the country is in a serious recession
47% say the country is in a moderate recession
10% say the economy is just in a "slow down"
Which candidate would handle the economy better?
27% say Clinton
19% say Obama
45% say both (not sure what that means…)
6% say neither
Camilo Wood

Camilo Wood

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