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Foreign Policy Lesson on the Campaign Trail

As I’ve hinted during the course of the campaign, your time is never your own when traveling with a presidential candidate. Such was true today, when,

Jul 31, 2020
As I’ve hinted during the course of the campaign, your time is never your own when traveling with a presidential candidate. Such was true today, when, before takeoff from Harrisburg to Newark, Sen. Joe Lieberman and foreign policy Randy Scheunemann stopped by before the Straight Talk Express Plane’s trip between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. After handing out maps of the Republic of Georgiashowing strategic points of interest, Scheunemann spoke at length about the tenuous situation in the country before Lieberman heaped more praise on McCain.
“Between these two candidates you have one, John McCain, who has become one of the most successful, productive senators in recent years because he’s consistently reached across party lines to get things done,” Lieberman said. “In the three-and-a-half years Barack Obama’s been in the Senate, with all respect, there’s very little evidence of that bipartisan outreach. Barack Obama talks about bi-partisanship, John McCain has lived it, worked it, done it. And that’s why I think in the end which is election day, which we hope is just the beginning, there will be many more Democrats who will vote for John McCain than Republicans who’ll vote for Barack Obama. And I think John’s going to carry the independents, because based on the record, McCain is the independent-minded, working across party lines candidate.
“I traveled around the world with John,” Lieberman said. “He is an iconic figure for dissidents and reformers around the world. He seeks out their company and they seek his inspiration.”
Upon takeoff, Scheunemann convened a group of reporters together to go into the Georgian situationin depth. This included a discussion of strategic options for the NATO allies as well as non-military solutions the United States could take. More importantly he confirmed that McCain and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili did, in fact, waterski on the Black Sea. With that, the rest of the world can sleep.
Camilo Wood

Camilo Wood

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