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Jul 31, 2020
The State Dept. gavea certification of occupancy and completion to the Baghdad Embassy this week. The certification comes nearly a year after the largest embassy in the history of embassies was supposed to be completed. And it comes four months after State Dept. officials issued a “certification of occupancy,” which allowed them to tell inquiring reporters that the the embassy would be completed any day now.
The embassy was finished right after March attacks where insurgent rockets crushed the temporary trailers housing diplomats. So the State Dept. took action and told building contractor First Kuwaiti to fix the embassy’s myriad fire, safety, electrical problems.
Meanwhile, the Justice Dept. and House oversight committee continue to investigate slave labor and contracting fraud allegations made against the State Dept. and First Kuwaiti. Given the embassy’s litany of problems, it’s hard to believe that diplomats will have a smooth transition into a building that will now be the center of Baghdad’s Green Zone. According to the Posts’ Glenn Kessler, all the State Dept. is willing to concede for now is that there might be a hot water shortage.
Camilo Wood

Camilo Wood

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