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Now Congress Hears That Rules Of Engagement Are ‘Unenforceable’ In Iraq

Jul 31, 20202.6K Shares189.7K Views
Marine Sgt. Jason Lemieux got right to the main point of Winter Soldier in his testimony. “Widespread destruction of lives and property in Iraq” are the consequences of an understandable desire for force protection in Iraq, said the three-tour Iraq veteran, and they render the rules of engagement practically “unenforceable.” Please understand, he said “what you hear from me is the tip of the iceberg.”
He told Congress that commissioned officers told his Marines to shoot any Iraqi who looked suspicious, “with assurances that the chain of command would quote-unquote, ‘Take care of us.’” That meant, he said, that “the chain of command was loyal to their Marines before the laws of war,” and would “protect them from prosecution, even if it meant providing false information to investigators.”
Hajra Shannon

Hajra Shannon

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