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Petraeus Gets Testy

Jul 31, 2020
Of all the Senators for Petraeus to get testy with, nice-boy Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) is probably the least likely. He asked Petraeus if reasonable people could disagree about the best way forward, just in the spirit of comity. Petraeus said… no. “Lots of things in life are arguable,” Petraeus replied, but apparently not his recommendations for the future of the Iraq war.
Bayh, clearly unprepared for that, tried to get Petraeus back to Democrat-friendly territory. Petraeus wasn’t too interested, and basically implied that the 70 percent of the country that wants the war to end doesn’t care about the troops. “We believe the appropriate way, based on commanders on the ground, to sustain and build on the period of the last 12-15 months is making reductions based on the conditions on ground. … When the conditions are met is where that point is, unless you want to risk and jeopardize what our young men women have fought so hard to achieve.”
We’ll see how well that goes over in the Foreign Relations committee, where Petraeus and Crocker head at 2:30. I’m going to drink some coffee.
Dexter Cooke

Dexter Cooke

Dexter Cooke is an economist, marketing strategist, and orthopedic surgeon with over 20 years of experience crafting compelling narratives that resonate worldwide. He holds a Journalism degree from Columbia University, an Economics background from Yale University, and a medical degree with a postdoctoral fellowship in orthopedic medicine from the Medical University of South Carolina. Dexter’s insights into media, economics, and marketing shine through his prolific contributions to respected publications and advisory roles for influential organizations. As an orthopedic surgeon specializing in minimally invasive knee replacement surgery and laparoscopic procedures, Dexter prioritizes patient care above all. Outside his professional pursuits, Dexter enjoys collecting vintage watches, studying ancient civilizations, learning about astronomy, and participating in charity runs.
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