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Bush Is Right!

I’m just getting to President Bush’s What Sadrist Intifada? speech from yesterday. It’s predictably stupid. (Since the surge began, business registrations

Jul 31, 2020
I’m just getting to President Bush’s “What Sadrist Intifada?” speech from yesterday. It’s predictably stupid. (“Since the surge began, business registrations have increased by more than 9 percent.” I’m ‘ it!) But when Bush takes on his critics, he’s actually — seriously — 100 percent right.
Some, however, seem unwilling to acknowledge that progress is taking place. Early in the war, they said the political situation wasn’t good enough. Then, after Iraq held three historic elections, they said the security situation wasn’t good enough. Then, after the security situation began to improve, they said politics, again, wasn’t good enough. And now that political progress is picking up, they’re looking for a new reason.
Yes! Yes, I am! Because, you know, neither the political situation nor the security situation . Put your money where your mouth is, Bush, and walk down any Baghdad street without armor or guards.
Moving on a bit, he gets into the heart of it:
But there’s one thing that is consistent. No matter what shortcomings these critics diagnose, their prescription is always the same — retreat.
They claim that our strategic interest is elsewhere, and that if we would just get out of Iraq, we could focus on the battles that really matter.
yes! Oh, but wait…
This argument makes no sense. (Applause.) If America’s strategic interests are not in Iraq — the convergence point for the twin threats of Al Qaeda and Iran, the nation Osama bin Laden’s deputy has called “the place for the greatest battle,” the country at the heart of the most volatile region on Earth — then where are they?
Buddy, I’m just going to throw this out there. Maybe — just maybe? — Al Qaeda wants us in Iraq so we can be bled to bankruptcy like the Soviet Union and radicalize the “believers” into a global insurgency. And also? Maybe Al Qaeda also knows how to exploit your ignorance, bellicosity and vanity. I know, it’s ! It’s not like bin Laden’s people also say or anything.
Paolo Reyna

Paolo Reyna

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