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Obama To Name Berkeley Prof as Economic Adviser

Jul 31, 2020
With President-elect Barack Obama expected to officially name key members of his economic team at a press conference in Chicago later thes morning, ABC’s Jake Tapper reports a new name on the list.
Appearing on “Good Morning America” today, Tapper said Obama is set to name Christina Romer as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers — a three-person team that, as the name implies, advises the president on economic policy.
Romer, who served as an economic adviser to Obama’s presidential campaign, is currently an economics professor at the University of California at Berkeley — as is her husband, David Romer. A look at the couple’s body of academic research, on which they frequently collaborate, reveals much about the role Obama is looking for Romer to fill. A quick Google Scholar searchshows a focus on economic recovery, particularly related to the Great Depression, and promoting monetary stability.
Here’s a brief sample of the titles of some of Romer’s research papers:
The Great Crash and the Onset of the Great Depression
Changes in Business Cycles: Evidence and Explanations
What Ended the Great Depression?
The Macroeconomic Effects of Tax Changes: Estimates Based on a New Measure of Fiscal Shocks
Clearly, Romer’s job description will likely include figuring out how to apply the lessons of the past to solving the current economic crisis.
Hajra Shannon

Hajra Shannon

Hajra Shannona is a highly experienced journalist with over 9 years of expertise in news writing, investigative reporting, and political analysis. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from Columbia University and has contributed to reputable publications focusing on global affairs, human rights, and environmental sustainability. Hajra's authoritative voice and trustworthy reporting reflect her commitment to delivering insightful news content. Beyond journalism, she enjoys exploring new cultures through travel and pursuing outdoor photography
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