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McCain Silent on Torture at CPAC

Jul 31, 2020
Dick Cheney’s torture-rific CPAC speech todayseemed to offer a perfect opportunity for John McCain to rebuke our Baathist vice president. Luckily, Holly was there for McCain’s address — she’s writing it up as I speak — so I asked her if McCain, who took a brave stand against Bush on torture in 2005, challenged Cheney at all on the issue. Nope. McCain kept his mouth shut on torture.
Matt Yglesias notes today that McCain lied about surveillance in the speech, but the press has simply decided that McCain is a Straight Talker and so something is true by virtue of McCain saying it. Nice work if you can get it. The same dynamic is apparently at play when it comes to McCain’s bravery. He’s got the nomination all but sewn up now that Romney is gone, but because he’s afraid of getting booed by some pimply college student who hides the Reagan diaries under his mattress, he doesn’t feel the need to challenge a vice president who declares torture commensurate with American values. Not that the press will ever care.
Camilo Wood

Camilo Wood

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