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<p>Via <a href="">Danger Room’s Noah Shachtman</a>, Lt. General William

Jul 31, 2020
Via Danger Room’s Noah Shachtman, Lt. General William Caldwell IV penned a really provocative postfor Small Wars Journalyesterday challenging the Army to encourage soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan to blog freely and post their videos to YouTube. It’s fascinating to contrast Caldwell’s viral approach to information operations with Donald Rumsfeld’s "We need a new agency! What? I’m cold!" concept. Caldwell:
The enemy video tapes operations and then distorts and twists the information and images to misinform the world. What if we had documented video footage of the same operations which refuted what our enemies say? By the way, that is not enough, we have to get our images out FIRST! The first images broadcast become reality to viewers. If we wait until we see the enemy’s images, we are being reactive and we have already squandered the opportunity.
Caldwell, as Shachtman points out, now commands the Combined Arms Center at Fort Leavenworth, an intellectual hub for mid-career officers that used to be commanded by a certain general you might have heard of.
Hajra Shannon

Hajra Shannon

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