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Turning Sewage Into Evian

Jul 31, 2020185.8K Shares3M Views
Illustration by: Matt Mahurin
Orange County has openedthe world’s largest water reclamation plant that will turn 70 million gallons of sewage into drinkable water each day.
The measure is being taken to fend off the probability that the OC’s fresh water supply can’t keep up with its growing population–currently 2.3 million. The state-of-the-art Advanced Water Purification Facility uses a purification system that takes up20 acres and costs about $490 million.
LA Times shows how it works here.
The OCWD hopes toeventually pump out 130 million gallons of safe drinking water a day. The system uses less energy than it takes to transport the same amount of water from other parts of the state. However, the conversion from wastewater to clean water is a process that may take months.
Rhyley Carney

Rhyley Carney

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