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Jim the Realtor’s Slightly Twisted View of the World

Right now, that video of 47-year-old unemployed Susan Boyle of Scotland taking Britain’s Got Talent by surprise with her soaring voice continues spread

Jul 31, 2020
Right now, that videoof 47-year-old unemployed Susan Boyle of Scotland taking “Britain’s Got Talent” by surprise with her soaring voice continues spread throughout blogosophere, even landing on PBS’ otherwise very serious NewsHourlast night. But in the housing world, there’s a different video star – Jim the Realtor.His oddly mesmerizing and frequently caustic tours of the real estate wasteland in north San Diego County, Calif. are a favorite of Calculated Risk and other housing bloggers. The Los Angeles Times profiledhim recently, calling him the Hunter S. Thompson of real estate, and tonight he’ll be on ABC’s “Nightline.”
Jim the Realtor seems to have hit the big time because he’s not your typical real estate agent. Armed with his pocket video camera, he tells it exactly like he sees it, a running commentary of slightly jaded, off-kilter observations as he walks through another foreclosed and once wildly-overpriced home. My favorite is his running pool trick video,where he toured a spacious, clean, lovely foreclosed house, with a pool and hot tub out back, the soothing sound of gurgling water everywhere. That is, until Jim the Realtor turned off the water to the pool and hot tub – and showed how the running water masked the loud and constant roar of the freeway nearby.
Here are some bloopers and outtakes of Jim the Realtor’s work, currently making the rounds. Enjoy.
Camilo Wood

Camilo Wood

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