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AZ GOP Director: McCain Fund-raising Numbers “Bad Journalism”

In an interview with, Arizona Republican Party Executive Director Sean McCaffrey dismissed news reports that Sen. Barack Obama outraised Sen.

Jul 31, 2020
In an interviewwith, Arizona Republican Party Executive Director Sean McCaffrey dismissed news reportsthat Sen. Barack Obama outraised Sen. John McCain in his home state as "bad journalism."
It was widely reported that U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) outraised McCain in Arizona during the second quarter. McCaffrey called a focus on that total "bad journalism."
Citing a "media love affair with Obama," McCaffrey said news outlets, particularly the Arizona Republic, which first reported the story, were deliberately skewing the facts to benefit Obama.
According to the Republic:
"Obama reported $432,000 in donations from Arizonans in June, compared with McCain’s $313,000, based on an *Arizona Republic *analysis of Federal Election Commission records. Neither campaign properly codes all contributions with a state, making it impossible to know exactly where all donations came from."
"The [Republican National Committee] and John McCain raised $3 million in Arizona" last quarter, said McCaffrey. "Everyone knows that"…
McCaffrey ridiculed the notion that Arizona is a trouble spot for McCain. "He’s going to continue to do very well here," said McCaffrey.
McCaffrey may be right that McCain and the RNC raised $3 million in Arizona in the last quarter, though I am unable to find the source of that figure, so it is unclear how "everyone" would know that. However, Obama’s June fund-raising numbers in the state are significant because it was the first month after he effectively clinched the nomination — and had no Democratic competitors for campaign contributions. While it is a bit premature to say for sure whether Arizona will be in play in November — and the idea still seems somewhat far-fetched — the fund-raising figures and recent pollingthat suggests a close race could indicate McCain will be in for a fight in his own backyard.
Paolo Reyna

Paolo Reyna

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