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Gingrich at AIPAC

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee opted to end its plenary session (after a marathon of telemarketing-style donation appeals) with a speech from Newt

Jul 31, 2020
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee opted to end its plenary session (after a marathon of telemarketing-style donation appeals) with a speech from Newt Gingrich, introduced as a sort of prophet who been talking about Iran as long ago as 1994.
“A world that will destroy Israel will surely destroy the United States,” Gingrich intoned, asking for a “serious, adult conversation about reality.” That would be a comparison between the way the international community talks about Israel and the torture scenes from “1984″ and a very self-aware tour of 20th century history: “I would carry you back, as a former history teacher, to three other years that ended in nine.”
Those years were 1909, 1939, and 1979, years when the hard-headed who “described evil as evil” were right and the appeasers were wrong. About 1979: “I just released a movie about it, called ‘Ronald Reagan: A Rendezvous With Destiny.’”
If Americans followed the “Reagan model” of toughness, Americans will be surprised at “the speed at which those evil regimes disappear.” If America shows leadership “it could happen without firing a shot,” like the end of the Cold War–sorry, Afghanistan. People need to look at the model of what happened when Pope John Paul II went to Poland, “as we will do at the end of this month, we’re making a movie called ‘Nine Days That Changed the World’.”
The big ideas:
• “De-funding of Durban II and any future effort to organize hatred.”
• “Suspend Iran’s right to vote in the United Nations.”
• “Disrupting gasoline supplies” to Iran until a new regime is installed.
• “Growing, in Gaza” an alternative to Hamas.
This led into Gingrich’s call for what his group, American Solutions, calls for most days: more energy exploration, an “all-points system to maximize American freedom from the Middle East,” doing this “rather than bowing to the Saudi King” — which got a tremendous standing ovation.
Slightly more fun was a call for “national security seatbelts” to stop nuclear attacks, and for the audience to read the novel “The Silent Man” to get realistic about confronting Mahmoud Ahmadenijad. But the ending of this was marred by a malfunctiong microphone, that kept clicking as if struck by a small hammer while Gingrich, annoyed, pressed on with his speech.
Camilo Wood

Camilo Wood

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