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Mean Mr. Mustard Sleeps in the Park

If conservatives are lucky, Dijongate will be the nadir of opposition to Barack Obama’s presidency. As far as I can tell, the idea that Americans should take

Jul 31, 2020
If conservatives are lucky, “Dijongate” will be the nadir of opposition to Barack Obama’s presidency. As far as I can tell, the idea that Americans should take offense at Obama’s preferencefor spicy mustard on his hamburger comes from the Legal Insurrection blog, in a post with more twists than Jim Henson’s labyrinth. From update number five:
The conspiracy of silence on Obama’s allegience to Dijon Mustard goes way back. Remember, it’s the cover-up, not the crime.
I’m sort of thrown by this. What, exactly, does the blogger think would have happened had the media exposed Barack Hussein Obama’s fondness for a spicy mustard I can get on my burger basically anywhere? His middle name couldn’t scare off Ohio voters, but his burger order could? No, I don’t get it.
And from update number seven:
It is interesting to watch how unhinged many nutroots blogs have gone over this post.
That’s a dangerous word to throw around when you’re a grown man obsessing over the non-existent political implications of burger toppings. Gaze not into the nutroots, for the nutroots gaze also into you.
The only upside of this story is the reminder that one of the stars of the original Grey Poupon ad was Paul Eddington, later to star in the classic political comedy “Yes, Minister,” which I’d recommend to anyone smarter than the blogger at Legal Insurrection.
Dexter Cooke

Dexter Cooke

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