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‘Specter for the Cure’ Site Still Sort of Fishy « The Washington Independent

Jul 31, 2020
I’ve largely ignored the micro-scandal of Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) and his “Specter for the Cure” Website. For the full history and an excited take on it, read Adam Green here. But after making the effort to clear up the site’s front page and note that it’s a campaign site, not a cancer research charity, the Specter campaign has left some iffy prose at the most important part of the site — the donation page.
Senator Specter has launched “Specter for the Cure”, a bold new initiative to reform our governments medical research efforts, cut red tape and unstrangle the hope for accelerated cures. The centerpiece of Specter for the Cure is the Cures Acceleration Network (“CAN”)- a new institution, answering to the President of the United States, the sole mission of which is to turn medical research into disease cures.
The CAN is a project of Specter’s, not any third party charity. Indeed, it has a better chance of passing if Specter remains in the Senate, but this is an odd way of putting that.
Donors are told they’ll get more than the average donor to Specter:
Those who sign up to donate a minimum of $10 each month for ten months, will receive members only information on the Senator’s effort to transform medical research and accelerate cures … Please make a contribution to Specter For The Cure and become a member and receive insider updates.
So is Specter for the Cure really a separate organization that will give its donors special cancer research updates but give the money to the Specter 2010 campaign? It’s really quite strange.
Paolo Reyna

Paolo Reyna

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