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Netroots Digg Palin Pundit Gaffe

Jul 31, 2020
Just what Republicans needed: An embarrassing gaffe on Gov. Sarah Palin’s big night. Two prominent Republicans pulled a Jesse Jacksonon MSNBC’s set, providing a candid and withering assessment of McCain’s VP pick during a break in convention programming on Wednesday. (See TWI’s The Hot Mic Strikes Again.)
Image has not been found. URL: McCain strategist Mike Murphy called his old boss “cynical” for tapping Palin, and Peggy Noonan, a widely readcolumnist and former aide to President Reagan, said McCain’s “political bullshit” made the race basically “over.”
The off-message clip immediately began burning up YouTube on Wednesday night, and within hours, the liberal group swung into action, tapping its email list and social network to get the clip a wider airing. MoveOn’s Director of Strategic Campaigns, Adam Green, started a Facebook group to push the video beyond political junkies — with the alluring title “Caught on tape: Watch this amazing video and pass it on!” A MoveOn email also urged activists to spread the word:
If we act fast, we can give it more momentum and help it get more attention. Can you forward this video to your friends today?
This kind of media activism — agenda-driven digging— not only pushes politically damaging stories, it also presses the traditional media to discuss gaffes, including their own, that might not otherwise garner much coverage.
Paolo Reyna

Paolo Reyna

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