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Peter King Isn’t a Loser Like Those Other Republicans

Jeremy Jacobs gets some entertaining bluster out of Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), one of the Empire State’s two remaining Republican members of Congress and

Jul 31, 2020
Jeremy Jacobs gets some entertaining blusterout of Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), one of the Empire State’s two remaining Republican members of Congress and currently the target of Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ads trying to bring that number down to a manageable zero.
I could probably find 50 Republicans who are more vulnerable than I am. … If they are spending money against me, it’s money that they are not spending against vulnerable Republicans. I’m taking a bullet for the team, and it’s a blank.
On paper, there probably aren’t 50 congressional Republicans more vulnerable than King — President Obama won 47 percent of the votein his district. But his fundraising and larger-than-life personality (try and avoid seeing him on TV when homeland security’s being debated) have shored him up.
Camilo Wood

Camilo Wood

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