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Is She or Isn’t She? Gingrich Sort of Retracts the Racist Accusation

Jul 31, 2020
Former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich admitted on Fox News’ “Hannity” that maybe Sotomayor herselfisn’t a racist. Still, he insisted, her statements are.
“In my newsletter I went a step too far in saying that she is a racist because I don’t know her and there’s no evidence [of racism] in her court decisions,” Gingrich told Sean Hannity. Nevertheless, he said, “it’s clear that her quote is clearly racist,” referring to the infamous “wise Latina woman” line. “It’s also clear … when you look at her writing and her speeches, she is quite radical. When you look at her judgments on the court bench, she’s not nearly as radical in her judgments. People have to ask themselves, as a Supreme Court Justice, would she be the radical we’re seeing, or would she be much more cautious?”
I think that was supposed to be the softer side of Newt.
Hajra Shannon

Hajra Shannon

Hajra Shannona is a highly experienced journalist with over 9 years of expertise in news writing, investigative reporting, and political analysis. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from Columbia University and has contributed to reputable publications focusing on global affairs, human rights, and environmental sustainability. Hajra's authoritative voice and trustworthy reporting reflect her commitment to delivering insightful news content. Beyond journalism, she enjoys exploring new cultures through travel and pursuing outdoor photography
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