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5 Interesting Facts About Pizza Day

In the Bitcoin community, 22nd May is regarded as the big day. On this date in 2010, the first official transaction of BTC was seen to procure two pizzas. So, this day marks the celebration of Bitcoin's first transaction in the real world.

Author:James Pierce
Reviewer:Alberto Thompson
Jun 19, 2022
In the Bitcoin community, 22nd May is regarded as the big day. On this date in 2010, the first official transaction of BTC was seen to procure two pizzas. So, this day marks the celebration of Bitcoin's first transaction in the real world. It also talks about the coin as a small but growing economy globally. The young software programmer from the Bitcoin world seemed to be gaining two pizzas worth 41 USD on this day. Besides the pizzas coming with a whopping 10K BTCs, there are many more exciting things to discuss here. We will check the top 5 BTC pizza day exciting facts to check. Check online trading platform for trading in bitcoins using the site bit index ai.

1. 10K BTCs was a worthy transaction for 41 USD at that time

As per the early data on the BTC economy, the virtual currency had a tough time getting the transactions. The amount invested in procuring two pizzas worth 41 USD, which brings the calculation of 0.004 USD for sale. The figure was close to zero but still had some value multiplied with many coins to gain a considerable return on two pizzas. In the early days, the value or price per Bitcoin seemed too minor, and shopping with minimally or no value-based coins to gain 41 USD cost pizzas seemed a worthy choice. The way the coin's value has gone up speaks highly about it.

2. Hanyecz got his pizzas after four days

It took Satoshi to wait for 11 months to decide on the introductory price of BTC. However, despite the coin price coming into the market, he still had to wait four days to get his digital coins converted into Bitcoin. He quickly posted about his first transaction on on 18th May, stating that he would pay 10K BTCs to get the two large-sized pizzas. He ate the pizzas and kept the leftovers for the next day as he liked doing it. He was getting hungry for the pizzas, but they did not come to him on the same day he transferred the money. He wanted to earn it free against Bitcoin as the value of the coins he had was too little to even count as conventional money.

3. He bought a few more pizzas after 22nd May 2010

He did not stop buying two pizzas there while procuring two more pizzas using his Bitcoins. He said he was able to trade 10K BTC for two more pizzas, and they had enough funds with it. Some rumours suggested that he bought two more pizzas after this using his digital currency coins. However, the number of coins he got through mining went down with days; hence, the pizzas he ordered were small in size and lowered in value with his coins. He said he took time to mine the cash, which reduced the money.

4. It took some years to celebrate Pizza day widely

We know Bitcoin Pizza Day today; however, there are no such records for the celebration as it seemed scarce by 2014. It helps in surprising the people before the awareness of 2013, and it took some time for the Bitcoin to go low. We see the story of the software programmer took some time to get widespread in the US when an article in the NY Times appeared. The price of Bitcoin was tested and went on to 1000 USD when the article appeared in 2014. Many people tweeted about it using the BTC tag. It was natural to see this man start gaining attention. Soon other groups like The Wall Street Journal, State, and TechCrunch too began publishing articles on him to make him famous. It helps the day to be celebrated as BTC Pizza Day.

5. You can find the authentic Bitcoin Pizzas worth multi-million USD

If you wish to see the actual pictures of the immensely costly and famous pizzas, you can catch it. Thanks to the penchant of Hanyecz, which claims that the coin can cost you around whopping money. He loved photography and has kept all such things as the record as memories that he can cherish after that. They appeared the same as you find them now. He shared five pictures of his ordered pizzas that carried the traditional toppings. These include tomatoes, olives, and jalapenos.
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