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Florida Gubernatorial Debate: Three Cardboard Cutouts and One Real Live Arth

You may recall Michael E. Arth, the spunky developer-turned-Democratic candidate for governor of Florida who took to The Streak’s comment thread to insist he’s

Jul 31, 2020
You may recall Michael E. Arth, the spunkydeveloper-turned-Democratic candidate for governor of Florida who took to The Streak’s comment threadto insist he’s dead serious about his campaign. Well, maybe “serious” isn’t exactly the right word. From a press release he just sent out:
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Michael E. Arth challenged Florida’s top three leaders to a debate on Thursday night at the Democratic Club of the Southwest Volusia County meeting in Deltona. Not surprisingly none of them showed up, but the “debate” went on anyway. Arth’s entourage brought life-size, cutout figures of Governor Charlie Crist, Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, and Attorney General Bill McCollum. Arth said, “Whether they are here or not doesn’t matter because they won’t debate the serious issues affecting Floridians.”
This New Urban Cowboyappears to have done wonders to rehabilitate his local “Cracktown.” But it looks like breaking into mainstream statewide politics is proving a tougher challenge.
Hajra Shannon

Hajra Shannon

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