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But If We Let Them Go, They’ll Tell People How They Were Tortured

A four-plus page section of the 2004 CIA inspector general report on torture is called Endgame, and, ominously, all but two paragraphs, far separated from

Jul 31, 2020
A four-plus page section of the 2004 CIA inspector general report on tortureis called “Endgame,” and, ominously, all but two paragraphs, far separated from each other, are redacted. Here’s what the first one says:
The number of detainees in CIA custody is relatively small by comparison with those in U.S. military custody. Nevertheless, the Agency, like the military, has an interest in the disposition of detainees and particular interest in those who, if not kept in isolation, would likely divulge information about the circumstances of their detention.
Indeed, when such CIA detainees were allowed in 2007 to speak with the International Committee of the Red Cross, they spoke extensively about their torture. The Red Cross said their treatment was “inhuman.”
Then there’s this:
Policymakers have given consideration to prosecution as a viable possibility, at least for certain detainees. To date, however, no decision has been made to proceed with this option.
No detainee who has come through the CIA “enhanced interrogation” program has been prosecuted, and the Obama administration has strongly indicated it will ratify a form of the preventive detention system employed by its predecessor.The CIA may be out of the long-term detention business, per an executive order issued by President Obama in January, but whatever Helgerson concluded in those redacted pages, its logic probably still applies to the current day and the current administration, which fashions itself to be a departure from its predecessor.
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Camilo Wood

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