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Rubio Hits Crist for Florida Senate Appointment

Marco Rubio, the conservative underdog in the 2010 GOP primary for Florida’s U.S. Senate seat, tells CNN that Gov. Charlie Crist (R-Fla.) made a disappointing

Jul 31, 2020
Marco Rubio, the conservative underdogin the 2010 GOP primary for Florida’s U.S. Senate seat, tells CNNthat Gov. Charlie Crist (R-Fla.) made a “disappointing pick” when he appointed his friend and adviser George LeMieux to the seat.
George LeMieux is a talented political operative and the governor’s best friend, but that doesn’t make him the right choice to represent Florida in the Senate. Governor Crist had a wealth of consistent and principled conservative candidates to choose from, all of whom would have been a reliable check and balance on the excesses of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda.
Crist’s decision has gotten him some rare universally negative attention from the Florida press, but Rubio hasn’t pushed the issue past this statement.
Camilo Wood

Camilo Wood

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