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Charles Lincoln and Orly Taitz: A Love That Will Never Die

I didn’t think that the quarrel between Orly Taitz and her former law clerk and (he claims) lover Charles Lincoln could get any stranger. Via Alex Pareene, it

Jul 31, 2020
I didn’t think that the quarrel between Orly Taitz and her former law clerk and (he claims) lover Charles Lincolncould get any stranger. Via Alex Pareene, it has. Here, in full, is a lengthy love letterthat Lincoln sent to Taitz in the midst of their falling-out.
As I told you a thousand times if I told you once: you had re-awakened in my heart, body, and soul a hunger that I had allowed to die, a hunger for life and love and a woman’s companionship and touch. Without your voice, without your touch, without the feel of your beautiful smooth pale “blue-blooded” skin and the brightness of your eyes like bright flickering candles, ORLY, my life has gone dark indeed—very dark. I sit alone in the dark at night and miss you. I wake up in the mornings and wish you were coming through the door again as you did so many amazing mornings here. I want to hear you say you love me again, even if you say it in the softest whisper like you used to.
I am a total wreck without you (physically, emotionally, and yes, financially and professionally). And even if I hadn’t gotten sick, I couldn’t have faced you at court on Wednesday. Do you really want me to get that strength? I miss you too much, I love you too much, I need you too, too much. And really and truly, I need you in court even more than I need you in bed or in my life generally. I just need YOU Orly.
There’s a lot here, the most, uh, newsworthy of which are Lincoln’s accusations concerning Taitz’s shoddy legal work and penchant for crazy and baseless claims.
Somehow, somewhere, there are lawyers who will help me, but my association with you has tainted me for life, especially if this is the last chapter, if you dump me here after making my name almost inextricably intertwined with yours. Is this fair? I am tarnished by you forever when you promised to build me up? When you promised you would do everything you could to build up my life again? Why are you deserting me this way after building up my hopes so very much?
Lincoln also accuses Taitz of setting up lodging for him, and possibly even picking her cases, in order to continue their affair.
You promised me a free place to live and free medical care so long as I lived in Rancho Santa Margarita and would be your “boy toy” even though I resisted that, and said you should tell your husband about us, and that I preferred to live by the beach in San Clemente….which at 20 minutes is not that far from Rancho Santa Margarita except in the very worst of traffic jams. You promised in particular first to protect, then to save, and finally to recover my house at 4 Via Corbina only in part because you wanted it to be our long-term “love nest”—4-5 minutes away from your office, again depending on traffic.
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