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Tea Party Movement Arrives With Beck’s CPAC Appearance

Ken Vogel and Michael Calderone muse on the meaning of Glenn Beck’s starring role at the Conservative Political Action Conference, which they argue marks a new

Jul 31, 2020
Ken Vogel and Michael Calderone muse on the meaningof Glenn Beck’s starring role at the Conservative Political Action Conference, which they argue “marks a new level of personal political engagement” from the talk show host. If anything, it marks the Tea Party’s move to the center of the conservative movement.
Last year, the first round of Tea Parties were held at the same time as CPAC — the D.C. Tea Party was held a few miles down the road. A month after that, Beck launched his “9/12 Project,” which has been surprisingly successful as an organizing force for local conservative groups. And a few months after that, Beck — [aided by research](marks a new level of personal political engagemen Read more: from the once-ignored fringe — was a key reason for the resignation of Green Jobs Czar Van Jones and the sudden adoption of “No More Czars!” as a GOP rallying cry.
I’ll expect Democrats to hit Republican attendees of CPAC for sharing a stage with Beck, who faced weeks of scrutiny after accusing President Obama of bearing “a deep-seated hatred for white people.” But as Grover Norquist points out to Politico, people like Ann Coulter have always appeared at CPAC, said a few outrageous things, then gone on to sell their books. Beck (who’s also got books to sell) is going to provide some plan for action.
Camilo Wood

Camilo Wood

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