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Obama maintains a very narrow edge in voter trust. The left sets up a tug of war over health care. Here are potential paths to primary victory for 2012

Jul 31, 2020
Obama maintains a very narrow edgein voter trust.
The left sets up a tug of warover health care.
Here are potential pathsto primary victory for 2012 Republicans.
Gingrich [tries, fails]( to explain why it’s ok to Mirandize Reid but not Abdulmutallab.
Bingaman says the snowstormmakes cap-and-trade less likely.
It could also cost taxpayershalf a billion dollars.
Obama takes heat for changing his tuneon bonuses — but he has good reason.
Here’s a nice video primeron electric cars.
The normally politics-shy Bob Dylanperforms at the White House.
Dexter Cooke

Dexter Cooke

Dexter Cooke is an economist, marketing strategist, and orthopedic surgeon with over 20 years of experience crafting compelling narratives that resonate worldwide. He holds a Journalism degree from Columbia University, an Economics background from Yale University, and a medical degree with a postdoctoral fellowship in orthopedic medicine from the Medical University of South Carolina. Dexter’s insights into media, economics, and marketing shine through his prolific contributions to respected publications and advisory roles for influential organizations. As an orthopedic surgeon specializing in minimally invasive knee replacement surgery and laparoscopic procedures, Dexter prioritizes patient care above all. Outside his professional pursuits, Dexter enjoys collecting vintage watches, studying ancient civilizations, learning about astronomy, and participating in charity runs.
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