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So What Did Pakistan Get Out of This Week’s U.S. Dialogue?

Kalsoom Lakhani over at Changing Up Pakistan takes a look at the conclusion of this week’s ministerial talks. s expected, a diplomatic “We’re Just Not That

Jul 31, 2020
Kalsoom Lakhani over at Changing Up Pakistan [takes a look](!+-+Changing+Up+Pakistan)) at the conclusion of this week’s ministerial talks.
[A]s expected, a diplomatic “We’re Just Not That Into You” move on the civilian nuclear deal and drone strike technology, but a thumbs up on the substantial topics, i.e. development. That is certainly a plus, depending on how well it’s implemented and allocated.
She points to this Washington Post wrap-up as well for the goods:
Most of the agreements announced after the one-day meeting had been decided earlier, including disbursement of a new $7.5-billion, five-year U.S. aid package for Pakistan’s energy, water, agricultural and education sectors. Long-standing Pakistani complaints about nearly $1 billion in promised but unpaid U.S. reimbursements for Pakistan’s counterinsurgency operations had been largely resolved, with the remaining money to be paid by the end of June. The administration said that it would improve on what Pakistan has described as slow delivery of military hardware and that it would keep trying to facilitate better Pakistani access to U.S. markets and a transit trade arrangement with Afghanistan.
All of which is in keeping with Special Representative Richard Holbrooke’s perspectivethat Pakistan needs to feel like the U.S. is willing to assist Pakistan as it attends to its national and domestic interests if Washington wants to see more robust counterterrorism results.
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Camilo Wood

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