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LIVE from the Presidential Debate « The Washington Independent

Jul 31, 2020
OXFORD, Miss –Large crowds of students and campaign fans are gathered across the Ole Miss campus here, excited that this long-scheduled presidential debate is actually going to happen. While the visitors wave signs and point out the political celebrities — on a single stroll by the debate site this afternoon I saw Sens Lyndsey Graham, John Kerry and Trent Lott and enough media personalities to empty a green room coffee urn — the campaign’s spin war is already going full blast.
Over an hour before the debate started, the Obama campaign released a memo touting his foreign policy judgment and savaging Sen. John McCain for being disasterously wrong on Iraq, Al Qaeda, Iran, Georgia and NATO. The memo argues that the issues add up to a clear contrast between the candidates:
In John McCain, the American people will get four more years of the worst parts of the Bush foreign policy. With Barack Obama, we will get change, and judgment we can trust.
Obama will also dispatch a fleet of surrogate to make his case in the “spin room” when the debate ends, including message guru David Axelrod, diplomat Susan Rice, spokesman Bill Burton and attorney Greg Craig — who became an expert in the field of Obama debate after playing McCain in the campaign’s prep sessions. Right now, the spin room is calm. Over 50 flat screens are blasting different channels as people wait for the big show to start.
Camilo Wood

Camilo Wood

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