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Alabama Attorney General Threatens Legal Action to Stop Feinberg Spill Claims Process

Alabama Attorney General Troy King is threatening to take legal action to stop what he characterizes as a flawed claims process proposed by Kenneth Feinberg,

Jul 31, 2020
Alabama Attorney General Troy King is threatening to take legal action to stop what he characterizes as a flawed claims process proposed by Kenneth Feinberg, the man appointed by the White House to oversee and restructure the method for settling claims from the Gulf oil spill.
In a strongly worded statement delivered at a press conference in Alabama yesterday, King accused Feinberg of working with BP to protect “BP instead of the citizens with losses.”
Mr. Feinberg created a draft protocol, developed in secret and vetted by BP before it was shared with public officials. His work clearly protects BP instead of the citizens with losses. Now we have discovered that Mr. Feinberg is being paid by BP and has been provided an aircraft for his private use by BP to facilitate his proselytizing for BP’s interests in eliminating as many claims as he can. Mr. Feinberg has not told the injured coastal citizens any of this.
And King rails against Feinberg’s proposal (which I wrote about here) to require oil spill victims to sign a waiver saying they will not sue BP for further damages if they accept a settlement:
He pretends to negotiate with the coastal Attorneys General, while holding town meetings with our citizens where he “sells” the most offensive elements of his original protocol, such as demanding a “final” resolution of all claims against BP as a condition of claims payment.
Feinberg’s actions are deceptive and, under the colors of the President of the United States, entice innocent and financially blasted citizens to release forever their valid legal claims against BP based on his “that’s the way it is” statements. I will not allow this to continue and I am prepared to take legal action, if necessary, to stop Mr. Feinberg from causing further harm to an already traumatized populace unless the President does so first.
Spokespeople for King and Feinberg did not immediately return a request for comment.
Camilo Wood

Camilo Wood

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