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RNC Addresses Tepid Fundraising, Vows to Investigate Leaks

Two pieces of news from the Republican National Committee summer meeting in Kansas City. First, the RNC’s budget committee approved a $10 million line of credit

Jul 31, 2020
Two pieces of news from the Republican National Committee summer meetingin Kansas City. First, the RNC’s budget committee approveda $10 million line of credit to make up for the committee’s fundraising woes:
The money will be directed wholly to the RNC’s political department in order to fund Victory programs, the sources said. Those Victory programs will serve as the party’s main get-out-the-vote operation for the midterm elections.
The line of credit is not unusual, though committee sources said some in party leadership, including chairman Michael Steele, were reluctant to draw a debt. But committee members argued the money would help win back Dem-held seats; without it, argued DE national committeewoman Priscilla Rakestraw, the party would leave winnable seats on the table.
Simply taking out a line of credit does not mean the party has incurred debt right away. It gives the GOP easy access to money if needed later in the cycle; during big years for Dems, both the DCCC and the DSCC have taken out their own lines of credit in a last-minute bid to pick up seats.
Second, one of the first orders of business among Republican state party chairs in Kansas city was to approve a resolutionurging the RNC Executive Committee to launch an investigation into a series of damaging leaks to the media.
Whether concerning the RNC’s amended FEC filingfor unreported debt, infightingamong the committee’s senior staff, or strange emailssent to foreign ambassadors to the United States, the news has dissuaded donors from giving to the committee and provided ammunition to the GOP’s opponents at a time when Republicans were hoping to go on the offensive. With the number of Republicans dissatisfied with Chairman Steele at an all-time high, however, it seems unlikely that the source(s) of the leaks will be easily plugged.
Hajra Shannon

Hajra Shannon

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