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‘Global Climate Disruption’ vs. ‘Global Warming’

The right-leaning blogosphere is having some fun today with White House science adviser John Holdren. He said last week that the term global warming

Jul 31, 2020
The right-leaning blogosphere is having some funtoday with White House science adviser John Holdren. He said last weekthat the term “global warming” oversimplifies the complexities at play when greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere. “Global climate disruption,” he said, is a better term.
Some have taken Holdren’s remarks as an opportunity to bash the Obama administration. Michelle Malkin, The Atlantic Wire notes, said: “An administration that goes out of its way to make terrorism sound less dangerous than it really is (i.e. ‘man-caused disaster’) makes the push to sell ‘global warming’ as more dangerous than it really is. Sounds like somebody’s starting to feel uncomfortable because the icecaps and Greenland ice sheets aren’t melting fast enough.”
Camilo Wood

Camilo Wood

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