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9&10 News: A Source For Local And National News, Sports Highlights, And Weather Forecasts For Northern Michigan.

To provide relevant information and create a link between the communities in which we live and serve, Heritage Broadcasting focuses on providing relevant content to audiences both inside and beyond the boundaries of Northern Michigan.

Author:Darren Mcpherson
Reviewer:Dexter Cooke
Sep 26, 2021
To provide relevant information and create a link between the communities in which we live and serve, Heritage Broadcasting focuses on providing relevant content to audiences both inside and beyond the boundaries of Northern Michigan.
To achieve this, we follow a set of guiding principles that direct us to be a trailblazing, comprehensive, and enthusiastic community organization. In addition to being a CBS affiliate, WWTV/WWUP-TV 9 & 10 News broadcasts nine hours of local news each weekday and two hours on weekends.
We transmit seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Our digital broadcasts, WWTV-DT/WWUP-DT, may be seen on digital broadcast channels 9.1, 10.1, and 40.1 in addition to the traditional analog frequencies. The Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB) has announced the winners of its 2020 Broadcast Awards. The awards were given out by the organization.
9&10 news
9&10 news

9&10 News: Associate Producer

You will discover a growing, healthy, and exciting business at 9&10 News of Northern Michigan, with a world-class facility and location in beautiful Northern Michigan. With excellent compensation, first-class benefits, and chances to learn and develop with experienced leaders in the industry, we are the best place to work.

Producer Chat: Christmas and Ranch Costumes for a Merry Holiday

The Company Is Comprised Of:

The tradition started in 1954 when Heritage Broadcasting first went on the air, and we have continued to develop and evolve ever since! We are honored to be recognized as the news authority in Northern Michigan!
Today, we are the home to 9&10 News, Local 32, and CW 32, as well as ME-TV, Northern Michigan Digital, ION, and Mane Content, as well as other news, weather, and entertainment programming.
This is the position: As an Associate Producer for 9 & 10 News, you will be responsible for assisting in the production of a broadcast that is both inspiring and provides high-quality journalism. You will be a key member of the newscast's leadership team, and as such, you must be able to juggle a variety of responsibilities.
When breaking news occurs, you will be a member of the team that takes the initiative. It is necessary to have a genuine interest in television news and journalism.

The Cultural Context

We are always innovating since our industry is constantly changing. New and innovative ideas are accepted and encouraged!
Motivating and Engaging: Regardless of position or job title, you will discover that our team members are proud of their contributions, individual and team successes, and they enjoy celebrating these achievements with one another. Collaboration is essential since no one person or department can do everything.
We depend on our own talents and limitations to complement one another and form an unbeatable group of individuals. We are aware that in order to generate a diverse range of ideas, we need a diverse range of individuals!
  • In the process of writing stories and creating new, original creative material
  • Make certain that the deadline is fulfilled.
  • Producing a spectacle when it is required.
  • Writing web articles and uploading videos on the internet are two of my hobbies.
  • Adobe Premiere software is used for video editing.
  • It is preferable if you have a degree in journalism or a similar area.
  • Understanding of the Associated Press (AP) and broadcast-style writing
  • Excellent organizational, communication, and time management skills are required.
  • The ability to come up with new and unique ideas is essential.
  • Strong organizational abilities, as well as the capacity to meet deadlines on a regular basis,
  • Exceptional social media abilities
  • Pay close attention to the details and be precise.
  • It is necessary to have a good mindset.
The Setting: Heritage Broadcasting is located in the scenic Northern Michigan countryside. This job will be located in our Cadillac, Michigan, headquarters.
This is a fantastic community in which to live, work, and play! Given the quantity of lush woods, miles of paths, sand dunes, and an abundance of coastline, it is simple to understand why we love it so much! Because of our gorgeous four seasons and the possibility for year-round outdoor activities, Northern Michigan really has something to offer everyone.

Some Top Stories: Healthy Living: Plastics On Your Plate: Is Your Seafood Safe

Listen up, seafood enthusiasts! It is possible that the fish you serve in your dish contains plastic. Microplastics are small pieces of plastic that are approximately the size of a sesame seed and are found in the environment.
Plastic particles are often mistaken for food by fish, which causes them to consume them. An investigation by experts discovered microplastics in every single sample of commercial fish that was examined in a recent investigation.
The seafood on offer includes wild blue crab, wild oysters, farmed tiger prawns, wild squid, and wild sardines, among other things. They found that the sardines had the greatest plastic level, with 30 milligrams (approximately the size of a grain of rice) being present in each serving.
While scientists are still unsure of the full extent of the dangers of eating plastic, a recent study has indicated that microplastics may both absorb and emit chemicals and hazardous contaminants, raising concerns.


Jump In Wildfires Means Smoke’s Health Impact Will Spread

As a result of climate change in the Western United States, wildfires are becoming more severe and frequent, generating massive clouds of smoke that, according to experts, will impact tens of millions of people and cause an increase in premature deaths.
People in urban and rural regions alike are bracing themselves for another summer of smoky skies throughout the West Coast and in the Rocky Mountains, as a result of the smog.
Wildfire smoke was traditionally regarded as a nuisance, with the exception of those who were most susceptible to it. It is currently seen as a recurrent public health concern in certain areas of the country.
According to Loretta Mickley, a climate researcher at Harvard University, inhabitants of Northern California, western Oregon, Washington state, and the Northern Rockies may see the greatest increases in air pollution from smoke. Coughing, chest discomfort, and asthma episodes may all be brought on by the microscopic particles in smoke that enter deep into the lungs.

Wildfire Smoke in NYC: How the Haze Can Affect Your Health | NBC New York

The Latest: Philippines Imposes Airport Entry Restrictions

Because of an alarming increase in coronavirus infections, the Philippine government has decided to temporarily prohibit the entrance of foreigners and limit the entry of returning Filipinos at the country's international airport to 1,500 people per day, according to the Associated Press.
Coronavirus strains from other countries, which are believed to be more contagious, will not be allowed into the country, according to a government agency dealing with the pandemic. The month-long travel restrictions will begin on Saturday, according to the government agency dealing with the pandemic.
Filipino employees who are confined to their homes are among those who will be granted restricted access. Philippine Airlines has said that it would notify certain flight cancellations in order to comply with the interim prohibition.
As a result of a spike in infections, which some officials attribute to public complacency and critics blame on the government's failure to respond to the pandemic, Manila and other cities in the capital region reinstated 7-hour night curfews for two weeks starting Monday and shut down dozens of villages.
With more than 631,300 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 12,848 fatalities, the Philippines has recorded the second-highest number of cases and deaths in Southeast Asia, behind Indonesia.

Blinken Says US Working With Taliban On Flights

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that the State Department is collaborating with the Taliban to enable more charter flights from Kabul for individuals wanting to flee Afghanistan after the withdrawal of American military and diplomatic forces from the country. During a joint news conference with Qatar's senior diplomats and military officials on Tuesday, Blinken expressed his views on the situation.
Earlier this week, he said that the United States had been in touch with the Taliban "in recent hours" to hammer out arrangements for more charter flights out of Kabul. According to Blinken, the Taliban has assured everyone wanting to leave Afghanistan with appropriate travel papers that they would be safe in their travels.
He said that the United States would keep the Taliban to their word on this matter. Blinken said that the United States thinks there are "probably in the neighborhood of 100" American citizens remaining in Afghanistan who want to escape the war-torn country. The State Department had previously estimated the number of people to be between 100 and 200.
Blinken and U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin are in Qatar to express gratitude to the Gulf Arab country for its assistance in the evacuation of tens of thousands of Afghans who were evacuated after the Taliban seized control of Kabul on Aug. 15 and are now in the country.

Blinken says US working with Taliban on flights • FRANCE 24 English

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