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A Contest In New Zealand Was Cancelled Where Children Participate In Cat-killing

After public and animal rights organization outcry, a contest in New Zealand was cancelled where children participate in cat-killing as part of a push to safeguard native animals has been canceled.

Author:Paula M. Graham
Reviewer:Hajra Shannon
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After public and animal rights organization outcry, acontest in New Zealand was cancelled where children participate in cat-killingas part of a push to safeguard native animals has been canceled.
The event would have been part of a fundraiser for the Rotherham School in the Canterbury area of South Island organized by the North Canterbury Hunting Competition.
On Saturday, organizers unveiled a new junior category for youngsters under 14 in the annual tournament, with a top prize of $250 New Zealand dollars ($150).

The Cat-killing Contest

The cat-killing contest, which took place in a rural area of New Zealand, involved children as young as five years old.
The children were reportedly encouraged by adults to catch and kill as many cats as they could within a given time frame. The cats were then piled up in a truck and taken away.
Vile and inappropriate emails and messages had been sent to the school and others involved. We are incredibly disappointed in this reaction and would like to clarify that this competition is an independent community run event.- Organizers of the contest
Our sponsors and school safety are our main priority, so the decision has been made to withdraw this category for this year to avoid further backlash at this time. To clarify, for all hunting categories, our hunters are required to abide by firearms act 1983 and future amendments as well as the animal welfare act 1999.- Organizers of the contest

Outrage From Animal Rights Activists

The incident has sparked outrage from animal rights activists who have called for action to be taken against those responsible. "This is an abhorrent and cruel act, and we cannot let it go unpunished," said one activist.
Animal welfare groups have also called for stricter laws to be put in place to protect cats and other animals in the country.
They have highlighted the need for education and awareness programs to teach children and adults about the importance of respecting and caring for animals.

“What Is Going On In Your Country!” New Zealand Feral Cat-Killing Contest For Children Cancelled

Response From Authorities

The New Zealand government has condemned the incident and launched an investigation to identify those responsible.
The Minister for Agriculture and Rural Communities has also issued a statement, saying that the government is committed to protecting animals and will take all necessary steps to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

Pressure Mounts

The petition was started by an animal rights organization, SAFE, which called the event "barbaric" and stated that it promotes animal cruelty and encourages violence towards animals.
The petition called on the local authorities to cancel the event and not allow it to happen again in the future.
The organizers initially defended the event, claiming it was a tradition and a way to control the feral cat population.
However, the pressure from the public and animal welfare organizations became too much to ignore, and they eventually decided to cancel the event.

A Win For Animal Welfare

The cancellation of the cat-killing contest is being hailed as a significant victory for animal welfare organizations and concerned citizens.
The event was not only cruel and barbaric, but it also sent the wrong message to children, normalizing violence towards animals and promoting it as a sport.
SAFE spokesperson, Carolyn Press-McKenzie, stated that it was a good decision to cancel the event, but it's only the beginning.
We need to educate children and the community about compassion and respect for animals and find humane ways to control the feral cat population.- SAFE spokesperson, Carolyn Press-McKenzie

Final Words

The cat-killing contest in New Zealand has sparked widespread outrage and raised concerns about the welfare of animals in the country.
It is important for authorities to take action against those responsible and to put in place stricter laws to protect animals.
Education and awareness programs are also needed to teach children and adults about the importance of respecting and caring for animals.
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