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Ace Family Net Worth: 2021 $$$ Millions or Billions? 💰 🤑

Youtube has been a good place to earn money for celebrities and influencers. While not everyone actually succeeds on this platform, there are outstanding individuals, even families, who are able to build their brand through YouTube.

Author:Emily Sanchez
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Jul 09, 2021
Youtube has been a good place to earn money for celebrities and influencers. While not everyone actually succeeds on this platform, there are outstanding individuals, even families, who are able to build their brand through Youtube.
One great example is the Ace Family. And here’s their net worth.

Who’s Ace Family?

The Ace Family consists of American Internet figure and basketball star Austin McBroom and his wife Catherine Paiz. Paiz is an actor, model, and internet star from Canada.
Austin and Catherine are not the only couples in their real lives, they still collectively follow much of their social networking efforts. The couple is present on almost every famous social networking site.
But it is better known because of its colorful YouTube channel called The ACE Family. Many of their latest YouTube videos are even showing their two girls, Elle and Alaïa.

Who’s Austin?

Austin McBroom was born to Michael McBroom and Allen McBroom on May 20, 1992, in Palmdale, California. McBroom joined Campbell Hall School where he was regarded as a multi-talented player with basketball, baseball, and footballinterests. He was more fond of basketball, though, and wanted to turn his attention to the game. McBroom scored 25 points a game throughout his senior high school years and was named first-team All-CIF Division 3AA.
After finishing high school, McBroom was involved with the men's basketball team for the 2011/2012 campaign at St. Louis University. His college basketball experience was confronted by obstacles ranging from his mentor differences to his team's lack of chemistry. He wanted to concentrate on social media for his basketball aspirations.

Who’s Catherine?

Catherine Paiz (or Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz) was born to Panamanian parents on August 24, 1990, in Montreal. Before moving to Florida to live with her family, Paiz lived much of her early childhood in Montreal, Canada. Like Austin McBroom, her partner, Catherine Paiz, took part in a number of activities, including cricket, volleyball, and hockey, during her school day.
At the young age of 16, though, she wanted to concentrate on modeling. Paiz landed with Victoria's Secret, her first modeling job. For other esteemed companies, including Azzelia Swimwear, she continued her style in 2013.
After many acting jobs, Catherine's modeling career became more prominent. Many of her films are Monday Nights on Seven (2016), Lilin's Brood (2016) and You Can't Have It (2017). It was only after Paiz began publishing images of it on her social networking accounts that things got easier.

How Austin And Catherine Started

Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz interacted at a dinner party and McBroom requested her instantly on a date. Although at first, she was hesitant to meet Austin, eventually Catherine decided to be Austin's acquaintance. The pair wanted to start a YouTube channel.
They called the stream ACE, an acronym with the initials from their first names and the initial name of their firstborn, Elle. The pair shared their first video, The Ace Family Q & A, on 27 July 2016. In the next two years, they have worked to expand their social network. As from the time you wrote. There are 19.1 million viewers on the ACE Family YouTube website.

How Much Are They Worth Right Now?

As of December 1, 2020, the combined net value of the Ace Family was $4.5 million. Social media sites, specifically YouTube and Instagram, continue to be the main revenue channel for the family. They are estimated to receive up to 5 million dollars a year from their Youtube account only.
The Ace Family also receives massive payrolls from various efforts, including action and modeling, to add to social networking.
Another significant way for the Ace family to gain its wealth is by selling goods and products. Most of the family's goods are available on their own website.
They now work exclusively with personalized hoodies and T-shirts, as well as many other accessories with different prints and stickers. On average, the custom-produced goods of Ace Family were around $20 and $100.

How To Succeed According To Ace Family

Work Diligently

All Ace family members have been working tirelessly to get where they are now. Austin was only a basketball player when she became popular on social media, while Catherine was an actress and model.

Be Humble Irrespective Of What You Achieve

The pair stay modest and deeply grounded, despite all the wealth and riches that the Ace Family has accumulated. Really, they don't even consider themselves popular. Paiz once said, "That's not how we perceive ourselves. It's insane how quickly we evolved. I see myself as a normal family, you know... I'm not going to suggest we're celebrities, but... I say, well, like that, the fans see us."

Use Your Power To Win Important Collaborators

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