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Explore the journey of Canadian actor Adam DiMarco, known for films like "Zapped" and "Radio Rebel," and TV roles in "RL Stine's The Haunting Hour" and "Supernatural." In 2019, he made his mark in both film and television as Randall Carpio in Netflix's "The Order." From early stage productions to his half-Italian heritage, Adam DiMarco's diverse roles promise a bright future in entertainment.

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Adam DiMarco, born on April 14, 1990, is an emerging Canadian actor renowned for his performances in movies like "Zapped," "Radio Rebel," and "Kill for Me." His television career includes appearances in "RL Stine's The Haunting Hour" and "Supernatural". In the pivotal year of 2019, DiMarco elevated his career by assuming the character of Randall Carpio in the Netflix horror series "The Order."
This significant role not only marked a milestone in his acting journey but also served as a catalyst, solidifying his impactful presence in both the realms of film and television. Adam DiMarco movies and TV showshave become a testament to his evolving craft, captivating audiences with each project and establishing him as a promising force in the entertainment industry. As his body of work continues to grow, Adam DiMarco remains a compelling figure, leaving an indelible mark on the cinematic and televised landscape.
Adam DiMarco casually dressed in a hoodie and T-shirt, holding a basketball outdoors
Adam DiMarco casually dressed in a hoodie and T-shirt, holding a basketball outdoors

Early Life

Adam DiMarco was born in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, and identifying as half-Italian, DiMarco discovered his love for acting during elementary school, participating in various stage productions. Despite starting life sciences at McMaster University, he made sure to follow his passion for acting and left his academic pursuits after a year.

Career Of Adam DiMarco

In the early days of his career, DiMarco played key roles in Disney Channel movies like "Radio Rebel" and "Zapped." He also had recurring roles on TV shows such as "Arctic Air" and "The Magicians." Moving on to streaming platforms, he starred in "The Order" on Netflix from 2019 to 2020 and later featured in HBO's "The White Lotus" in 2022 as Albie Di Grasso, a recent Stanford graduate exploring his heritage in Sicily with his family.


  • 2019- Recess - Third Street as Randall Weems
  • 2019- Emma Fielding Mysteries: More Bitter Than Death as Joe
  • 2018- Past Malice: An Emma Fielding Mystery as Joe
  • 2018- Secret Millionaire as Caden
  • 2017- Site Unseen: An Emma Fielding Mystery as Joe
  • 2017- Last Night in Suburbia as Josh
  • 2016- Mommy's Secret as Kyle
  • 2016- Star Trek Beyond as Injured Red Shirt
  • 2016- What An Idiot as Jesse
  • 2015- A Christmas Truce as Berkowitz
  • 2015- My Life as a Dead Girl as Zach
  • 2014- GirlHouse as Ben Stanley
  • 2014- Zapped as Adam Thompson
  • 2014- Words and Pictures as Swint
  • 2014- Date and Switch as Jared
  • 2013- Leap 4 Your Life as Jake
  • 2013- After All These Years as Alex
  • 2013- Kill for Me as Mark
  • 2012- A Killer Among Us as Cody
  • 2012- Radio Rebel as Gavin
  • 2012- Kiss at Pine Lake as 15 Year Old Tommy

TV Shows

Adam DiMarco donning a stylish brown jacket in a room surrounded by a group of people
Adam DiMarco donning a stylish brown jacket in a room surrounded by a group of people
  • 2022- The Jennifer Hudson Show
  • 2022- Pillow Talk
  • 2021- The White Lotus as Albie Di Grasso
  • 2019- The Order as Randall as Randall Carpio
  • 2018- Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as Dario
  • 2018- Charmed as Zack
  • 2017- The Good Doctor as Henry Campbell
  • 2017- When We Rise as Marvin Feldman
  • 2016- Second Chance as Asher Davis
  • 2015- The Magicians as Todd
  • 2015- The Returned as Andrew
  • 2014- Signed, Sealed, Delivered as Billy James
  • 2013- Motive as Josh Martin
  • 2005- Supernatural as Aidan

Secret Millionaire (2018)

A wealthy father plans to develop a local park, and his son falls in love with a charming protester. The twist? She has no idea about his father's affluent status.

Site Unseen: An Emma Fielding Mystery (2017)

In an effort to redeem her late father's besmirched legacy, archaeology professor Emma seeks to debunk Jamestown's claim as the first English settlement in North America. Armed with a revealing map, she leads a promising dig under mentor Tony Markham. However, the discovery of a recent corpse and a series of strange events, including theft and sabotage, complicate the expedition. Teaming up with FBI Special Agent Jim Connor and student Joe, Emma unravels a mystery involving art thieves, artifact syndicates, and her ex-boyfriend, now a fisherman and smuggler.

Last Night In Suburbia (2017)

In this teen comedy, a group attempts to enjoy one final night of summer fun, only to find their plans thwarted by the world's most inept undercover cop.

Mommy's Secret (2016)

In the revelation that her own mother is the mastermind behind the recent surge of local bank heists, a teenage girl resolves to assist her parent in coming forth and confessing the truth.

The Good Doctor (2017)

Shaun Murphy, a youthful surgeon distinguished by autism and savant syndrome, transitions from the tranquillity of rural existence to join the esteemed surgical division at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. This pivotal move garners robust endorsement from his mentor, Dr. Aaron Glassman.

Star Trek Beyond (2016)

A sudden assault in outer space compels the Enterprise to crash-land on an enigmatic world. The attacker, Krall (Idris Elba), a reptilian dictator, sustains himself by draining the life force from his prey. Krall seeks an ancient and valuable artifact on the severely damaged starship. Stranded in a harsh wilderness, Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), and the crew confront a perilous alien race while striving to escape the inhospitable planet.

FAQ - Adam DiMarco Movies And TV Shows

Is Adam DiMarco Italian?

DiMarco was born and raised in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, and indicates he is half-Italian. He began acting in elementary school, starring in stage productions. DiMarco studied life sciences at McMaster University for a year before dropping out.

How Old Is Adam DiMarco?

33 Years (14 April 1990)

Who Plays Aidan In Supernatural?

Adam DiMarco appears in the TV episode "Freaks and Geeks" (2013) of "Supernatural," credited as Aidan. You can find more details on IMDb.

Who Played Alfie In White Lotus?

Adam DiMarco: Albie Di Grasso

Is Adam DiMarco Canadian?

Adam DiMarco, born in Canada, is an actor recognized for his roles in "The White Lotus" (2021), "The Order" (2019), and "The Magicians" (2015).


Adam DiMarco further solidified his presence by taking on the role of Randall Carpio in the Netflix horror series "The Order." DiMarco's journey reflects a passionate commitment to his craft. His early love for acting, nurtured during elementary school stage productions, eventually led him to prioritize his artistic pursuits over academic endeavours. With a half-Italian heritage adding to his unique identity, Adam DiMarco movies and TV shows, stands poised for continued success and exploration in both film and television, promising an exciting and enduring career in the entertainment industry.
His story unfolds as a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one's passion, promising not just an exciting but an enduring career in the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry. The stage is set, and Adam DiMarco stands at the threshold of an illustrious journey, captivating audiences with each role and leaving an indelible mark on the world of cinema and television.
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